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Volunteer for Peace

Make a difference by using your time and talent to be a volunteer at Sojourner Family Peace Center, contributing to our mission to transform lives impacted by domestic violence. We believe volunteers strengthen the agency as a whole and significantly expand our reach to the clients we serve!

Sojourner Family Peace Center has several programs that depend on both long-term and short-term volunteer commitments.

Short-term or one-day-only volunteer opportunities are for those who would like to donate their time on a less continual basis.

Volunteer Orientation
Thank you to everyone who attended our Volunteer Orientation on March 15, 2016. Our next volunteer orientation is scheduled for sometime in June or July. Please check back in the coming weeks for more up to date details. We are still accepting volunteer applications, and any individuals interested in becoming Sojourner Volunteers can contact our volunteer coordinator, Lily Grant, for more information about the application process. Lily can be reached at 414-810-1826 or by email at

Click here to view our current volunteer needs.

Interested in volunteering for Sojourner Family Peace Center?
Please complete the following forms:

Voluntary Affirmative Action Form

Volunteer Application

Internship Application

Background Disclosure Form

Forms may be returned to:

Sojourner Family Peace Center
Attn: Lily Grant
619 W. Walnut Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212