Family Justice Center Model

The Family Peace Center is based on the nationally known and proven Family Justice Center model. Family Justice Centers around the country have led to a reduction in family violence, better quality of life and tax savings for the communities in which they are located. Noted benefits include:

• Reports of domestic violence tend to increase with the initial opening of the center, but decease over time. This trend is attributed to an increase in accessibility of services at the Center, followed by a move toward prevention.
• In 2000, before the San Diego Family Justice Center opened, the city experienced thirty domestic violence-related homicides; in 2008, the city experienced three domestic violence-related homicides.
• Family Justice Centers around the country report increased victim safety and empowerment, efficiency in collaborative services for victims among service providers, offender accountability and community support for services to victims and their children.
• Family Justice Centers also report a reduction in homicides, reduced fear and anxiety for victims and their children and reduced recantation and minimization by victims.

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