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Help for Offenders

Batterers Intervention Services

Beyond Abuse programming is available for women who have committed or exhibit violent, abusive or controlling behavior in their marriage or intimate partner relationships and want to put an end to it. The goal of Beyond Abuse is to help participants learn to eliminate violent, abusive and controlling behaviors from their relationships, thus contributing to ending the cycle of domestic violence.

Through our groups, participants can and do learn alternative, healthy, non-abusive ways to deal with their emotions.

The Beyond Abuse program consists of weekly, 1 ½ hour sessions that are co-taught by a male and female facilitator. These sessions emphasize:

  • Identification of physically abusive behaviors and recognition of other abusive and controlling acts
  • Acceptance of responsibility for one’s own behavior
  • Realization of the destructiveness of these abusive acts
  • Elimination of these destructive acts through the introduction of alternative behaviors
  • Maintenance of the new behaviors through reinforcement and practice
  • Identification of primary emotions and acceptance of emotions as being normal to the human condition
  • Recognition of the difference between emotions, thoughts and actions
  • Developing the skill to cope with feelings through personal thought, reflection and challenge
  • Developing the skill to express and communicate feelings and emotions effectively and non-abusively