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Volunteer Profile: Meet Linda!

Linda Barikmo is an active community member and a Client Services Manager III at Schenker Inc. A volunteer since 1998, Linda is a valuable member of our Tailgate for Peace and Sojourner Fashion Show committees, and is a regular on the hotline. We recently talked with Linda about her experiences as a volunteer. This interview has been edited for length.

How did you get started with Sojourner?
I had always been a financial supporter of the Task Force on Family Violence. I came from a background that dealt with domestic violence as a child, and I knew that was a cycle I would break, and I did. I saw a bulletin in my church that there was this opportunity and I took it.

How have you seen the agency change over time?
I’m thrilled with where we are right now- the Family Peace Center. I thought I felt safe at the old shelter but once we got here it was like, now I really feel safe. And if I feel that I’m sure the clients do too. The community awareness and involvement has also skyrocketed since I started.
One thing that has not changed is the need, the need is still there. And how I help people is the same. The kindness, the listening ears we use, that’s all exactly the same. You just get more experience.

What are some of your favorite parts about volunteering?
The comradery with the staff and the other volunteers has been very meaningful to me. I’ve made lifelong friends. I’ve also learned a lot from the fundraising committees. I’ve been on the Tailgate committee since day one, and it’s given me awareness and respect for our community—the generosity of financial donations and time. I’ve also been touched by the support I’ve gotten from my family.

What are some things you’ve learned over your volunteer experience?
This can happen to anybody. Whatever their place in life, their social, ethnic, or economic background. This issue was too often thought of as a problem for certain groups but it happens to everybody.

What are some things you do for fun?
I do yoga, I kayak, and I travel a lot. Spending time with my family is a priority. I like to read, and I’m an active volunteer with my church. And anyone who knows me knows I’m a lover of sports. The Green Bay Packers are my favorite team!

Volunteer for Peace

Make a difference by using your time and talent to be a volunteer at Sojourner Family Peace Center, contributing to our mission to transform lives impacted by domestic violence. We believe volunteers strengthen the agency as a whole and significantly expand our reach to the clients we serve!

Sojourner Family Peace Center has several programs that depend on both long-term and short-term volunteer commitments.

Short-term or one-day-only volunteer opportunities are for those who would like to donate their time on a less continual basis.

Volunteer Orientation
Our next Volunteer Orientation will be Tuesday, February 12, 2019 from 5:30 to 8:30 PM in the Family Peace Center. We’ll be covering Sojourner’s history, programs, and volunteer opportunities, and we’ll end with a Domestic Violence 101 session. Dinner is provided. Anyone who would like to attend can RSVP to Deja Taylor at 414-810-1825 or dejat@familypeacecenter.org. Can’t wait that long to get started? Check out our current volunteer needs for short term projects that you can sign up for today!

Upcoming Volunteer Orientations:
Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Monday, June 24, 2019
Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Where: Family Peace Center (619 W. Walnut St.)
When: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Should I RSVP?: PLEASE DO! Contact Lily Grant.
Will dinner be served?: You bet it will.

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Are you interested in volunteering or interning for Sojourner Family Peace Center? We’d love to have you as a part of our team!

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Sojourner Family Peace Center
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